While creating the building bridges, the contractors pay special attention to its construction, whether they are pre-assembled or cast in situ. With the right turnkey solutions provided by the best Bridge Fabrication Companies in Kolkata, you can acquire PEB installations and industrial structures of the latest design, engineering and manufacturing to create robust building bridges.

What are Building Bridges?

The makeshift bridges are part of the PEB structures, forming a link between two or more buildings. The contractors often rent these temporary structures to provide ease of access, support and protection for the entire facility while ensuring the worker’s safety. The reputed Bridge Fabricators in Kolkata use upgraded fabricated material to make them, extending it further to form a link. It is between 4.5 – 8.5 metres long. Additionally, it has the capability to carry 2.5 tonnes of distributed load uniformly.

The Uses and Advantages of Transient Bridges

Often construction projects have more than one building erected together at the same place. Hence, to save time, they set up temporary links from one building to the other for easy pedestrian access. Workers also use it to carry construction materials quickly and in a safe manner. The bridge functions as a covered court that stretches to several miles, aiming to avoid injuries or accidents.

Another benefit of using these metal frameworks is that they can hold heavy and bulky construction material. Their robust and sturdy framework allows the construction workers to use it as a storage space in a secure manner.

Further, the companies for Bridge Fabrication in Kolkata make these metal bridges so that you can extend them to a gully for vehicles to cross safely and conveniently. They are designed in a manner to pass the heaviest material through them. The aircraft and ship industries make use of them to a vast extent.

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