People are our most valuable asset. At Unitech Structural Works, we understand that excellent people deserve excellent people practices. That is why we design our human resource initiatives which unlock the full potential of every employee.

We welcome talented and experienced personnel with diverse opportunities in terms of Roles and Fast Growth opportunities. We are constantly working to create a working environment conducive to growth, where people have the resources and the freedom to complete their tasks and take great pride in their achievements. For the same reasons, we are able to attract the best and the brightest talent at all levels.

If you have the passion to excel in your career, we at Unitech Structural Works provide you the right platform to translate your imaginations to reality.

Job Openings

SL NO Title Location Date

Sr. Business Development Manager

Kolkata 20-Nov-2023


Kolkata 20-Nov-2023

Structural Steel Design Engineer

Kolkata 19-Dec-2023

Planning Engineer

Kolkata 23-Dec-2023

Production Engineer

Howrah 23-Dec-2023

QA & QC Engineer

Howrah 23-Dec-2023

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