Best Structural Fabrication in Mizoram


In the field of industrial structural fabrication in Mizoram, the name of Unitech Structural Works is a well-known one. Our trained and competent workforce can finish projects without any hassle. We have vast experience in the field of PEB and industrial fabrication in Mizoram. Our company works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements for various projects. Then, they design and deliver the services as per the same.

From designing and engineering to manufacturing and on-site installation – we can complete each of these sections with efficiency, dedication and honesty. These qualities of Unitech Structure make us one of the leading PEB manufacturers and structural fabricators in Mizoram with a long list of happy clients.


Efficient and Robust Bridge Fabrication in Mizoram


At Unitech Structural Works, we deliver projects as per the convenience and project requirements of clients. Both on-site assembling and off-site constriction of models can be done to meet your project-specific needs.

  1. Our workers will work at our site to manufacture and supply steel structures for different industries located in Mizoram and surrounding areas.
  2. If you want, our experts can carry on the job of supplying, manufacturing, assembling and installation at your site for your convenience.

In both these procedures, structural steel fabrication in Mizoram, we strictly follow the safety measures as per the industry standard. Our workers are well trained to understand how to assess risks and manage them.


Most Reliable Bridge Fabrication Company in Mizoram


As a well-known PEB manufacturer in Mizoram, we believe in delivering projects through certain step-by-step procedures. We pay complete attention to details while working on industrial structures as well as pre engineered steel building manufacturer in mizoram.


Our Process


 1. Initial planning and proposal

 2. Designing and engineering of the structure

 3. Fabrication or manufacturing of the structures

 4. Logistics and transportation

 5. On-site assembly and structural installation

 6. Insulated sheet installation

Our workforce can handle multiple projects at a time. This can range from 50 MT up to 5000 MT of pre-fabricated structures.

If your project needs robust, safe, long-lasting and functional PEB structures, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.