Top PEB Manufacturer in Odisha

Unitech Structural Works is famous for supplying top-class industrial fabrication in Odisha and surrounding areas. We manufacture, supply and install PEB structures for various industries. The company has been serving this industry since 2000 and have completed more than 20 years with a high reputation and confidence.

Best Bridge Fabricator in Odisha

We take pride in maintaining the highest standard of work in every project we deliver. Being one of the most efficient and reliable pre-engineered steel building manufacturers in Odisha, we understand clients' requirements well enough. Unitech Structural Works handles various projects in the form of designing engineering, manufacturing, transporting and on-site installation.

We deliver;

  •  1. All equipment 
  •  2. Comprehensive assembling
  •  3. Complete installation
  •  4. Project management

Our team has engineering and managerial professionals with vast experience in the industry of structural steel fabrication and bridge fabrication. Hence, they can assess the risks involved in this job and know how to overcome these challenges to keep the entire procedure safe and fast. 

Efficient and Robust Bridge Fabrication in Odisha

At Unitech Structural Works, we provide services according to the project requirements and convenience of clients. Our structural steel fabrication in Odisha includes on-site assembling and off-site constriction of models that can be done to meet your project-specific needs.

1. Our workers will work at our site to manufacture and supply steel structures for different industries located in Odisha and surrounding areas.

2. If you want, our experts can carry on the job of supplying, manufacturing, assembling and installation at your site for your convenience.

Why Should You Get Our Service?

  •  1. Our advanced and flawlessly engineered structures will help you complete your projects on time and reduce construction delay.
  •  2. We apply modern design techniques to create the PEB fabrications with the help of computer analysis and design projects.
  •  3. Your project can save cost on using high-quality structural elements due to our unique and practical system approach.
  •  4. PEB is almost 30% lighter than conventional steel structures, making the foundation light, easy-to-install and straightforward.
  •  5. Quality control of our bridge fabrication structures is our prime responsibility, and we have experts to handle the same.

You are requested to get in touch with our team for more details.