Different construction agencies are opting to construct an establishment in a quick time. However, they also have to take cognizance of the safety norms, utilities and other important features. They have found a useful alternative in Pre Engineered Building.

The Demand of Pre Engineered Building

PEB is much popular among industrial steel fabricators. It saves the extra labour, the cost and most importantly, time. From establishing residential to commercial spaces, the traditional way of construction is slowly taking a backseat.

The main element of a building is its base. However, industrial fabrication shuns the process of digging the ground to establish a foundation. The whole construction is held by metal beams that are placed on a concrete surface.

Why is Industrial Fabrication a Practical Option?

There are also some practical reasons why PEB is a favourite among the industrial fabricators in Assam.

  1. Flexibility: The construction work on PEB can be an extremely flexible option. One can execute multiple types of construction with steel beams. The on-site execution and customization are simple too.
  2. Easier Transit: The on-site construction needs a large number of steel products. Unlike traditional construction methods, these can be transported easily, unlike brick, mortar and concrete.
  3. It is sustainable: The PEB construction is done with durable metals like stainless steel, which is why it is much more sustainable. The construction would not need a large dispatch of concrete products, which can cause pollution.
  4. It is cost-effective: This is the most practical reason why people choose Industrial fabrication. The labour cost is reduced, and the completed construction is generally delivered on time. There are also fewer possibilities of pushing back the dates.
  5. Minimal Designing: The brick and mortar construction needs considerable attention on the design. However, due to the usage of lightweight and convenient items, the design of the house becomes sleek. The assembling process is also quicker.

Know About Unitech Structural Works:

For better assistance in industrial fabrication constructions in Assam, one can take the help of Unitech Structural Works. They are an experienced name in this field who can provide the best professionals and finest construction materials. The process of building and handover time is also gets reduced.

The points discussed above are some of the reasons why construction agencies and clients choose PEB construction. Compared to the traditional methods, it is a fast and much more flexible option.



Pre-engineered buildings are ideal for different types of businesses. The manufacturers fabricate it in the factory and assemble it on site. While the erection process is challenging, any mistake can compromise the entire building structure. This is why you must hire professionals to erect the pre-engineered building in Arunachal Pradesh.

Steps to Erect the Pre-Engineered Building

  1. Prepare the Foundation

The first step to PEB steel building erection is executing the foundation. Most building providers will give you drawings and other information. It will include a detailed listing of the location, anchor bolts, and other components. The experienced foundation contractors will ensure the correct placement of the slab and anchor bolts. Once they do this step correctly, the erection of the building becomes easy.

  2. Primary Framing

The primary framing will have I-Beam rafters and columns during the PEB building construction. The experts weld the primary steel, pre-cut and pre-punch it for quick installation. They will take the strongest steel pieces, bolt them together to fasten to the foundation. Once they install the frame, they will start bolting the secondary members to the primary frame.

  3. Wall and Roof Sheeting

Next, the manufacturers will put up the insulation, wall and roof sheeting. This step is after completing the entire framing. They begin with the wall sheeting. Then they will attach the sheeting to the secondary frames using self-drilling fasteners. After doing the walls, they begin work on the roof panels. Finally, they will install the weather stripping. This is important since it will keep the building leakproof.

PEB Erection Mistakes to Avoid

  •   ● Not Getting Prior Approval

There are chances that the inspectors will refuse a permit for your PEB steel building construction. This is why taking prior approval is necessary. You should learn about the local building codes before ordering the kit. If the inspectors find it violating the rules, they will stall the construction process. So, make sure it fits the proper guidelines.

  •   ● Not Use a Proper Instruction Manual

You are likely to get an instruction manual with every PEB building kit. The stability and quality of the structure depend on several factors. It is necessary to follow the instruction kit to maximise efficiency. Every builder should follow a specific design and erection manual. Besides, they should be aware of the right erection techniques in detail.

  •   ● Ignoring Safety Measures 

You should follow proper safety measures while erecting the PEB building. Mistakes happen due to a lack of planning. Hence, everyone involved with the job should wear safety garments like gloves and hats.

Consult the experts at Unitech Structural Works for customised, prefabricated buildings. We are a reliable company that you can trust for robust PEB structures at affordable rates.



Sustainable development and green buildings are common terms in the construction industry. When compared to conventional buildings, the PEB structures are eco-friendly. The engineers fabricate them with careful attention. They assemble the components at factories as per the project details. Then they assemble and erect it at the site after transporting it safely.

You can consult the professionals for pre-engineered building in Jharkhand to meet your structural needs. The PEB buildings allow multiple configurations and custom designing. Further, its environment friendly nature makes it a preferred choice for all.

The PEB Structure Components

You can classify the components of the Pre-engineered buildings into several categories.

  • Primary built-up members like framing parts 
  •   1. Rafters 
  •   2. Columns
  •   3. Z Purlin, cold and hot-formed roof purlins 
  •   4. C Purlin and hollow section 
  •   5. Roofing Sheet and cladding 
  •   6. Eave Struts 
  •   7. Bracing

Are PEB Structures Eco Friendly?

  1. 100% Recyclable

Steel is easy to recycle than any other material. This is because steel separates from the other waste matter by using electromagnets. You can recycle the steel multiple times according to your necessity. Yet, it does not lose its original strength and tenacity. The manufacturers use recycled steel to make new steel. It reduces the cost of building construction and save the environment.  This is why Pre-engineered buildings are the best replacement for any other structure.

  1. Save Landfill 

The fabricator uses recycled steel to make PEB structures. The buildings are stronger and have an increased lifespan than other structures. They reduce the amount of waste matter/rubbish thrown into the landfills. Buildings made in traditional methods of construction generate more waste. All this rubbish is non-recyclable. The steel structures do not go into landfills. The technicians recycle the steel without producing any waste.

  1. Energy Saving

The PEB buildings are energy efficient. They drastically lower the electric bills. By installing wooden door frames, you are likely to suffer from problems like air leak and moisture. It is not the same with Pre-engineered buildings. The steel elements retain indoor temperature and save electric bills. Hence, it creates no pollution.

Meet the Reliable PEB Fabricators

Unitech Structural Works is a reputable company working with a team of experienced PEB fabricators. You can get high quality, bespoke PEB structures from manufacturers at competitive prices. We ensure the flawless design and engineering for 100% client satisfaction.



Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by bending, cutting or assembling them. The value-added process is widely used to create parts, machines and structures using different raw materials. If you want to make the most of the fabrication process, hire experienced fabricators in Assam. Most of them have years of experience in using the process to form railroads, printing presses, weapons, tools and telegraph lines. They use engineering drawings to complete the fabrication work.

Steel fabrication has become a vital part of the construction industry nowadays. Steel is widely preferred because of its durability, cost, safety and sustainability. Over the years, it has become one of the best materials for fabrication. To get flawless steel fabrication, look for a company that has been a part of the structural steelwork and fabrication business for years, like Unitech Structural Works. All their fabricators have years of industry presence and can complete your project with the least hassles.

Few Benefits of Using Steel Fabrication for Building Construction

  • 1. The Material is Safer

Though you can use various materials for fabrication work, steel is non-combustible and does not ignite, making the building safer. It is even resistant to shattering or splintering during a sudden movement of the building. A building with steel fabrication will save the occupants from high winds, heavy snow and fire. If your focus is on safety when constructing a building, hire experienced steel fabricators.

  • 2. Reduce the Cost of Construction

Since the cost of steel is comparatively lower than other construction materials, it helps lower the cost of your project. You can even save time by choosing prefabricated steel structures. A reduced timeline means you have to pay a lower labour cost. You don’t require on-site welding, cutting or fastening with prefabricated structures, increasing site safety. It is considered one of the primary factors why builders prefer using steel fabrication during building construction.

  • 3. Open to Future Adaptability

Though steel is very strong, the foundation has to experience less stress from the added floors. Always hire experienced fabricators in Bihar as they try to maintain their reputation by fabricating steel in such a way so that the building constructed is open to future adaptability. Metal frames made using steel are very adaptable.

Since there are so many benefits of using steel fabrication when constructing a building, it’s time you get in touch with the skilled fabricators at Unitech Structural Works. You can have complete peace of mind as they carry out all fabrication work in compliance with international standards.


If your business operation needs a fabricated metal structure, you should make informed decisions before investing in the same. Since it is a big and significant investment in the business, you should look for the top fabricators in Assam to get something worthy and effective.

Finding a suitable company that delivers the client’s quality bridge fabrication is not tough. You should keep certain points in mind while doing so.

Tips on Choosing Fabricators in Assam

 1. Check the Capacity:

Bridge fabrication companies design and manufacture these structures to be used in various industries. It is required to ensure whether they can serve your industry or not. Check whether the company is capable enough to provide you with the quality and quantity you are asking for.

 2. Customised Services:

There are fabrication structure manufacturers who offer a lot of customisations to their products to meet the specific needs of their clients. Be it a big project or a small one, such customised service can help you to get exactly what you want.

 3. Types of Fabrication:

You can either look for an on-site construction model or an off-site construction model for your project. It should be determined as per the type, size, available space on the site and requirement of your project. For on-site supply, your plant must have enough space where the engineers and technicians can supply, manufacture, assemble and install the entire structure as per your needs.

 4. Meet Your Future Needs:

Consider hiring industrial fabrication companies capable enough to meet your future needs. As a business owner, you should always think of the future of your business. Dealing with a company that can provide you with constant support for your future goals is a great investment.

 5. Get Feedback:

It is highly required to receive positive feedbacks from the finished projects of the company you are approaching. It would help you to determine whether your selection is right or not. Pictures are helpful, but if possible, then visit their finished projects in person to check the quality of the work.

 6. Compare the Price:

Price comparison is a must to find an affordable company for Bridge Fabrication in Assam. Get quotes from various companies and then determine the right one based on their reputation, experience, competitive rates and efficiency.

It is crucial to find the right company to obtain something robust and effective for your project. Hence, you must check all these points carefully and get something good for your plant.

Unitech Structural Works is one such reliable name in the field of fabricators in Assam. You can visit their website to know more about their services and products.


It is not an easy job to make the right financial move in terms of the components, fabricated metal structures, and features that your business need. It needs you to find the right service provider of superior quality industrial fabrication though it is a bit difficult. However, finding the best ones in the industry is possible by following some simple yet unavoidable tips. 

Tips to Find the Right Industrial Fabricator

Well, let’s check what you need to consider while choosing a service provider for industrial fabrication. 

  • 1. Check if they are Capable

Different fabricators in Bihar emphasize different services. Some work independently on a small project while dealing with many customizations. On the other hand, some companies deal with bulk productions for major industrial facilities. Besides, some provide different types of services to both small and big companies. As you know the specialization of the company, start considering other factors like structure and production capacity of the fabricator. 

  • 2. Take the Future Requirements of your Company into Consideration

Your business is very likely to grow. And thus, you will need different specialized services. Choose a fabrication company that can fulfill your requirements even in the future. You may need jack-up legs for your oil and natural gas rig in the coming days, for example. So, ensure that your chosen company can support your needs. 

  • 3. Ask for Feedback from Previous Projects

Images say a lot. They are very good. But an up-close look at the works done by an industrial fabrication company is always more effective. A personal inspection will let you understand the craftsmanship of the service provider. So, ask fabricators in Bihar that you want to see some of their old projects. It would be even more effective if you have a visit to a project similar to yours. 

Well, as it comes to choosing a good, reputable, and dependable industrial fabrication service provider, choose at least 3 to 4 at the onset. Now compare their pricing and quality of customer dealings. While you will be doing these, dig deeper with every aspect to get a precise assessment of each of the shortlisted service providers. An ideal fabrication company will know your requirements easily. During the early consultations, they will know the exact requirements for each job. They usually have reasonable solutions to every potential challenge – whether it is a facility issue or a design issue.