Structural steel is a material commonly used for industrial applications. It is used for the construction of modern-day buildings. With the help of the fabrication process, structural steel can be bent and customised into different shapes and designs for construction purposes. Since fabrication involves using structural steel as a preferred material among different construction industries. 

What are the components of structural Steel?

Steel fabricators in West Bengal prefer structural Steel for modern-day construction. Some of the common components of this kind of steel are Iron, carbon, and Manganese, with the addition of titanium, aluminium, and niobium. 

What are the benefits of using structural Steel for construction?

Cost-effective solution 

Working with structural steel fabrications is easy since processing is not required. Hence, it helps the builders save money and time. Moreover, steel is a durable and strong material, and the building doesn’t require frequent repair or maintenance. Once constructed, these buildings last for decades. 

Environment friendly

Structural Steel can be easily recycled and reused if the construction is demolished. Unlike brick-and-mortar constructions, steel does not form part of the waste. It is an environmentally friendly material that can be reused for smaller constructions in the future. 

Customisable option

Structural Steel can be fabricated, and hence, the designs and structures can be made according to the requirement. Hence, they are flexible options for the builders. You can expand sideways or upwards later if you want to add more levels to the building. You will find most of the commercial modern-day buildings are made of steel. It is easier to reconfigure steel construction compared to concrete ones.

Strong and durable

Steel is a strong and durable material. With a protective coat, you can prevent your steel structures from corrosion. Moreover, steel is ductile. Hence, it can stretch out without being ruptured or incurring damage. Furthermore, steel construction can withstand human, machine and weather related movements or vibrations. Compared to other building materials like cement and wood, steel is a better option. 


Steel structures are highly resistant to fire and are safe for the people working inside them. Along with an additional fire extinguisher, you can be safe inside a steel structure because it can prevent the heat and spread of fire within the interiors. 

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