Quality Control

Our primary concern is to follow health and safety measures strictly. We carry out the various kind of work efficiently, regardless of the size of the project.

We always lay our emphasis on quality work and never compromise on the safety measures; this is the reason why we have become the most trusted company when it comes to steel fabrication. All our workers are fully insured so that you get peace of mind.

The chief aim of our company is to execute the process in an efficient manner. We give utmost importance to the safety of people. We are extremely proud of ourselves for providing utter contentment to our clientele.


We strictly follow all the welding methodology as per our client’s QAP such as:-

  • Weld thickness (as per QAP and/or Section thickness and/or Butt Weld depth.)
  • Weld Uniformity
  • Keeping in control Slag, Blow Holes, & Splatter
  • We also run various weld test like Dye Penetration, Ultrasonic and Radiography
  • Applying weld methods to control dimensional distortion; specially in Crane/Bridge girders.


We give utmost priority to dimensions; therefore keeping a careful watch on dimensions at 4 different stages so as to follow zero tolerance in this area

  • Dimensional check after cutting
  • Dimensional check after fitup
  • Dimensional check after complete assembly
  • Dimensional check after welding

Welding Electrodes

We use different grades of MIG Wires and Electrodes as per Client/Project requirement. Our engineers also guide our clients for the usage of proper grade electrodes ; Low-Hydrogen Electrodes , Electrodes for High Tensile Steel, etc.