The growing popularity of Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) in the construction industry is because of their incredible features. It hosts an array of benefits, such as design flexibility, recyclability, cost-effectiveness, high durability, and more. Over the past few decades, it has become a better option than the conventional brick-and-mortar building methods. But before seeking the help of an experienced PEB manufacturer in Sikkim, you must try to get a clear idea of the concept of PEB and things to look for while selecting a PEB company.

What is a PEB?

A PEB is constructed by assembling a number of pre-fabricated components on the construction site. These structural elements are made as per the specific measurements, which are decided as per the requirements of the building’s owner. They are mostly built in the factory and are shifted to the site where they are assembled together using the bolted connections.

How to choose the right PEB company?

Following here are some points to consider before choosing an efficient PEB company.

Quality of material

It is extremely essential to consider the quality of material used for designing the PEB structures, which ultimately determines their strength and longevity. So, always choose a trusted PEB vendor who is known for using quality-assured materials for constructing PEB structures.

Technical competency

Another key aspect to consider is the technical competency of the vendor. The level of technical versatility directly influences their technical expertise to build the structures successfully while adhering to industrial safety standards.

Cost of project

Another key consideration is the project cost estimated by the vendor, and check whether it meets your budget. Though the cost can never be the most imperative factor, it’s always better to look for a vendor who will be able to offer budget-friendly service.

Check customer reviews

Lastly, you must check the reviews and testimonials shared by previous clients to get an idea of the vendor’s professional credibility. Make sure the reviews are authentic and posted on popular online review sites. Also, you can ask the vendor to share the contact details of some of their clients if possible and directly reach out to know more about the service quality.

The bottom line

The functional performance of PEB structures influences the core strength and endurance of the entire building. And so, if you are looking for an experienced PEB vendor, Unitech Structural Works is here for you. They are the leaders in industrial fabrication in Sikkim and are known for using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment for PEB fabrication. For more details, please consult our experts now.

With the advent of modern technologies, the idea of making human lives better and easier is getting new dimensions. Nowadays, not only people but organisations also look for solutions that are easy, safe, fast and efficient. In this search, often, industries end up using Pre Engineered Building in Kolkata to avoid the drawbacks associated with the construction of conventional buildings at various sites.

However, there are some myths and misconceptions regarding Pre Engineered Buildings or PEB. A lot of people think that PEBs are unsafe because of their impermanent features. The fact is their impermanent feature makes them more efficient and cost-effective for various industries compared to conventional building structures.

What Do People Think of PEBs?

  • PEBs are Unsafe and Weak

Because these structures are built offsite, people often think that they are unsafe and unstable. The truth is just the opposite. These structures are designed and developed by expert engineers with vast knowledge and experience. They follow the same regulations of building and construction and always meet the industry standard. They are designed and pre-fabricated in a secured and advanced factory setup. Each module is passed for the final installation after strict inspection.

  • PEBs Cannot be Durable

If you think that prefabricated building structures are not durable to last long, you are not alone. There are other people who think alike. The truth is you can use them at your site as long as you want. They are designed to meet your specific requirements for building and structural operations. Top PEB manufacturers always offer bespoke structures. Therefore, you can use these structures as long as you want without worrying about their durability.

  • PEBs Look Boring and Unimpressive

Though PEBs manufacturers always focus mainly on the performance and structural integrity of their products, they never ignore the point of aesthetics. You can see a lot of pre-engineered buildings at various sites that look smart and impressive. These structures are designed to give enough space and support to your daily site operations. But the designs are not limited. Modern manufacturers can deliver highly creative and intriguing design ideas while manufacturing PEBs for your site.

  • PEBs Are Expensive

Since the main construction of modules is done in the factories of the manufacturers, construction time can be reduced. Hence, the overall cost of the project goes down when you choose PEBs instead of traditional buildings.

For more details about Pre Engineered Building in Kolkata, you can get in touch with the experts of Unitech Structure.



The PEB steel buildings offer multiple benefits to the business owners. With faster construction, you can complete the entire structure in a shorter time frame. It is versatile and less expensive. This is the major reason why the industry notices a boom in metal building construction.

Choosing the PEB Structure in Jharkhand for your project is never a bad idea. You can use it for commercial facilities, factories, steel mills, warehouses, etc. From concept to erection, it is the first choice of building construction for many. But if you are sceptical about it, you should learn more about its pros and cons. This way, you can determine whether it is suitable for the concerned project.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing PEB Buildings

  1. Do you need design flexibility?

Most industries require certain specifications when it comes to construction. While some prefer a warehouse-like design, others can go for an empty airline hanger style.

But no matter your needs, a prefabricated steel building can fulfil every design. This method, along with technological advancements, allows unlimited flexibility. It guarantees the same levels of functionality for exterior design or internal configuration. 

Most companies hire cranes for material handling.  The PEB components are pre-factory made and assembled on site. This eliminates a lot of hassle. A bonus is that the PEB structures remove the need for independent crane columns in the structure. Hence, it saves a lot of extra costs.

  1. Do you want to save construction time? 

While making a structure, a major headache for most business owners is the lagging construction time. They feel their hands are tied as they wait endlessly for the project to complete. At times, complications arise. The project remains incomplete.

The pre-engineered building in Jharkhand is faster to complete. The fabricators design them using state of the art technology like computer modelling software. This way, they streamline the entire process for effective results.

  1. Do you want low maintenance buildings?

Pre-Engineered buildings are popular because of their weather-resistant property. It stays intact even after experiencing heavy rain, wind or hailstorm. It will not sustain any damage when compared to conventional wooden buildings.

For primary buildings, mould and termite infestation is a serious concern. But PEB steel buildings are non-porous and does not damage by termites.

Consult Unitech Structural Works for information about customised PEB buildings. We provide turnkey solutions for the onsite assembling of the prefabricated structures. Our team of engineers cater to every client requirement with 100% satisfaction. 


A significant priority in the construction industry is the time required for project completion, especially for large working areas. For minimum material loss, pre-engineered buildings have several advantages when compared to traditional building structures. The engineers build them in the factories and assemble them at the sites using bolted connections. Hence, they are economical too. You can consult a professional pre engineered building in Bihar for easy fabrication of pre-engineered elements.

What are Conventional Building Structures? 

The process of building conventional buildings was extremely time-consuming. It is a step by step method where the excavation and foundations are constructed before beginning with the framing. The engineer has to complete each step before moving to the next one. This is why the scheduling of the task was done based on the efficacy of each trade. If the design was complex, it highly impacted the schedule since the engineers had to make every component from scratch. Consequently, the duration of the project stretches from six to ten months. The method is also costlier than PEB building construction while demanding more maintenance and management as well.

What are the Pros and Cons?

They are helpful for complex building designing, but the demand and increase in labour costs make it highly expensive. While they enable flexibility in designing, the heavy weight of the components weakens the foundation over time.

What is Pre Engineered Steel Building?

Architects use steel to make these metal building structures in a factory according to the correct size and dimensions and then assembled on the site. They are a great alternative to conventional structural steel buildings since the fabrication happens to the exact size, therefore making it more functional and efficient.

The PEB steel buildings also allow customisation in terms of designing, erecting, general contracting and finishing. The assembling happens within a few months, and the process is also cost-effective. Moreover, with the pre-fabrication of the framing components, the engineers determine the foundation based on the weight that is entirely unlike traditional buildings.

Pros of PEB Structure

  •  1. The engineers use a standard template to build these structures, implying that they are formed into standard sections.  
  •  2. Reduces time required for fabrication and assembling. 
  •  3. PEB structures undergo software analysis for complete optimisation of material and measurement.
  •  4. It is lightweight because of the efficient usage of steel. 
  •  5. The materials are highly durable and top-quality which can withstand harsh weather conditions.  
  •  6. It enables flexibility in future expansion by adding expansion bays.
  •  7. It demands minimal maintenance, also producing less waste during assembling projects.
  •  8. The engineers help with faster delivery and easy execution.

Consult Unitech Structural Works for  Peb manufacturer in Bihar and other industrial structures. The skilled members help design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and on-site installation to ensure a smooth process for the clients. Working with the utmost professionalism, they successfully undertake several high priority projects and guarantee assured outcomes within time.