With the advent of modern technologies, the idea of making human lives better and easier is getting new dimensions. Nowadays, not only people but organisations also look for solutions that are easy, safe, fast and efficient. In this search, often, industries end up using Pre Engineered Building in Kolkata to avoid the drawbacks associated with the construction of conventional buildings at various sites.

However, there are some myths and misconceptions regarding Pre Engineered Buildings or PEB. A lot of people think that PEBs are unsafe because of their impermanent features. The fact is their impermanent feature makes them more efficient and cost-effective for various industries compared to conventional building structures.

What Do People Think of PEBs?

  • PEBs are Unsafe and Weak

Because these structures are built offsite, people often think that they are unsafe and unstable. The truth is just the opposite. These structures are designed and developed by expert engineers with vast knowledge and experience. They follow the same regulations of building and construction and always meet the industry standard. They are designed and pre-fabricated in a secured and advanced factory setup. Each module is passed for the final installation after strict inspection.

  • PEBs Cannot be Durable

If you think that prefabricated building structures are not durable to last long, you are not alone. There are other people who think alike. The truth is you can use them at your site as long as you want. They are designed to meet your specific requirements for building and structural operations. Top PEB manufacturers always offer bespoke structures. Therefore, you can use these structures as long as you want without worrying about their durability.

  • PEBs Look Boring and Unimpressive

Though PEBs manufacturers always focus mainly on the performance and structural integrity of their products, they never ignore the point of aesthetics. You can see a lot of pre-engineered buildings at various sites that look smart and impressive. These structures are designed to give enough space and support to your daily site operations. But the designs are not limited. Modern manufacturers can deliver highly creative and intriguing design ideas while manufacturing PEBs for your site.

  • PEBs Are Expensive

Since the main construction of modules is done in the factories of the manufacturers, construction time can be reduced. Hence, the overall cost of the project goes down when you choose PEBs instead of traditional buildings.

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Nowadays, the process of construction has become much more streamlined. Most builders trust structural fabricators. The metal fabrication pieces guarantee a smooth construction process. It is a flexible and durable option compared to traditional construction methods.

About Structural Steel:

Numerous builders choose custom steel fabricators for their construction work. Structural steel is much more tensile and durable than regular steel. It can handle high weight and heat with ease. For these reasons, you can find it in large construction projects.

Why Choose A Custom Structural Metal Fabricator?

In this blog, you will find some important reasons for choosing a custom steel fabricator in Kolkata.

  • Flexibility in Design: A dedicated company in custom metal fabrication gives you structural freedom like nobody else. You can apply structural steel fabrication according to your design needs. They can be useful in increasing the production capacity of the project. Besides, you do not have to face multiple vendors for your steel fabrication needs.
  • Better Understanding: Choosing a specific company for structural metal fabrication helps to establish a better buyer vendor relationship. They will be able to produce results according to your requirement. You can remain assured of in-depth customisation facilities.
  • Reduced Expense: By providing services according to your needs, the steel fabricator can help to reduce your overall construction cost. They have a large production space and different tools and technologies. These qualities guarantee a quality assistance. It allows you to deliver your project much earlier than the deadline.

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The construction industry in India is growing in leaps and bounds. Along with the construction industry, the steel industry is also rising. The demand for pre-engineered steel buildings has increased in the last few years. Unlike conventional steel buildings, PEB constructions are more economical and eco-friendly. Moreover, for PEB buildings, all the designs and the constructions are done within the factory and are taken to the site where the erection needs to be completed.

Since the PEB buildings are being constructed with steel, they have positive environmental value compared to conventional buildings. Thus, the demand for reliable pre-engineered steel building manufacturers in Kolkata is rising. Read on to know more about the differences between conventional and PEB buildings.

PEB vs Conventional buildings – Know the difference

Design standard

A standard design is maintained for the construction and manufacturing of PEB buildings. Hence, the engineers don’t need to spend on quickly designing and completing the assembling and fabrication. On the contrary, conventional buildings need to be designed, and construction work is started. Hence the completion process is time-consuming.

Installation process

PEB buildings’ erection and construction process are easy, quick and smooth. The parts are transported to the site, and with the simple use of bolted connections, the complete architecture is completed. Thus the number of human labour involved is also lower than in conventional construction projects. For conventional constructions, you need years and months of hard work and numerous construction workers who will work to complete the project.

Effect of weather

PEB building construction process is not affected by adverse weather conditions. The companies are not required to stop the construction process even under scorching heat or constant rains. However, if you’re dealing with a sand and brick construction project, then the project might get delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

Construction wastes

For PEB projects, there’s minimum or no construction waste. The material requirements according to the design are pre-decided with the help of computer programs and software. Hence the incidence of waste is very less. On the contrary, the amount of waste for sand and brick construction projects is high. It isn’t easy to get an accurate estimate of the amount of raw material that might be needed to complete the project.

Relocation and fixings

You can easily relocate or rework the PEB building from scratch if there’s a design flaw. However, this is impossible in the case of conventional projects. Once constructed, you can’t move or fix any issues. To fix issues, you need to demolish and reconstruct the building.

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Fabricated structures are widely used in various industries, including heavy ones. The need for good quality industrial fabrication in Odisha is huge for various reasons. There are plenty of benefits of using fabricated structures in heavy industry sites.

These are also known as pre-engineered buildings or PEBs. Only a certified and licensed PEB manufacturer and supplier can provide you with an authentic product to match the specific needs of your individual industry. Major benefits of investing in these temporary building solutions for heavy industry are mentioned below.

Why Are Fabricated PEB Structures Useful?

   1. Portable: These structures are typically portable. They are easy to move, install and dismantle. Hence, you can install them at your site and remove them from that place after finishing the project. 

  2. Save Time and Money: Since they are not permanent, you can easily install and remove them, which will save your time. Unlike permanent structures made of concrete, a PEB can be installed within one to two days (depending on the size of the structure)

  3. Affordable: Compared to a permanent building, the fabricated structures for industrial projects are always more affordable. The cost of building and maintaining the temporary ones are nominal, which will not be a burden for your annual budget.

  4. Bespoke Design: When you work with top PEB manufacturers in Odisha, you will get bespoke design and shape for your site. That means the structure will be designed and developed to meet your specific requirements and budget. There is nothing like one size fits all in the field of industrial fabrication. The style, shape and size will be as per your needs, which will make it perfect for your project.

  5. Easy to Maintain: These structures are designed and built to reduce your maintenance cost and effort. They are easy to maintain throughout the year. You can keep them clean without much effort throughout the year. 

  6. Robust and Practical: The structures of pre-engineered buildings are robust and practically designed. They are ready to withstand harsh weather and remain strong as long as you need them.

To reap all the benefits of these buildings, you must work with an experienced and reliable manufacturer.

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Different construction agencies are opting to construct an establishment in a quick time. However, they also have to take cognizance of the safety norms, utilities and other important features. They have found a useful alternative in Pre Engineered Building.

The Demand of Pre Engineered Building

PEB is much popular among industrial steel fabricators. It saves the extra labour, the cost and most importantly, time. From establishing residential to commercial spaces, the traditional way of construction is slowly taking a backseat.

The main element of a building is its base. However, industrial fabrication shuns the process of digging the ground to establish a foundation. The whole construction is held by metal beams that are placed on a concrete surface.

Why is Industrial Fabrication a Practical Option?

There are also some practical reasons why PEB is a favourite among the industrial fabricators in Assam.

  1. Flexibility: The construction work on PEB can be an extremely flexible option. One can execute multiple types of construction with steel beams. The on-site execution and customization are simple too.
  2. Easier Transit: The on-site construction needs a large number of steel products. Unlike traditional construction methods, these can be transported easily, unlike brick, mortar and concrete.
  3. It is sustainable: The PEB construction is done with durable metals like stainless steel, which is why it is much more sustainable. The construction would not need a large dispatch of concrete products, which can cause pollution.
  4. It is cost-effective: This is the most practical reason why people choose Industrial fabrication. The labour cost is reduced, and the completed construction is generally delivered on time. There are also fewer possibilities of pushing back the dates.
  5. Minimal Designing: The brick and mortar construction needs considerable attention on the design. However, due to the usage of lightweight and convenient items, the design of the house becomes sleek. The assembling process is also quicker.

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The points discussed above are some of the reasons why construction agencies and clients choose PEB construction. Compared to the traditional methods, it is a fast and much more flexible option.



The concept of pre-engineered buildings is no longer new. It has gained immense popularity in the construction industry. An increasing number of people choose PEB structures over conventional buildings for good reasons. To benefit from a lasting outcome, you should choose the best fabricators in Jharkhand. They have engineering expertise and guarantee exceptional customer service to all.

Selecting the Best Pre-Engineered Building Fabricators

   1. Search for Technical Competency

It is the first and foremost consideration while choosing fabricators. The professionals should have great technological versatility. You should evaluate their skills thoroughly since it is directly linked to the reliability of PEB structures. They must exercise effective control to make durable and robust structures. You can accomplish your task once you find the perfect fabricators.

   2. Check their Manufacturing Unit

You should check if the company owns a separate manufacturing unit. It should be well equipped with the latest machinery. The builders prefabricate the building components at their factory and later pre-assemble them on site. This is how they ensure a smooth construction process and deliver the project on time.

   3. Read Online Reviews

Any metal building manufacturer should understand client requirements. You should attempt to gather as much information about the PEB vendors. The easiest approach to learning about the fabricators is checking their online website. You must read the feedback and reviews from their previous customers. All this will help you stay wary of fake reviews.

   4. Evaluate Material Quality

Poor quality PEB structures do not last long. So the quality of materials is another vital thing that you must consider before choosing a PEB firm. Evaluate the materials used by the PEB fabricators in Kolkata and where they source them. Sit for detailed discussions with them to understand their working mechanism. Remember that when high quality steel makes every building sturdy and sustainable.

   5. Stick to Deadlines

Good PEB manufacturers adhere to strict deadlines. This is important when you decide to work with an expert company. Time is money. There is no use picking a company that cannot deliver your project on time. You should be careful about this while making informed decisions.

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Pre-engineered buildings are ideal for different types of businesses. The manufacturers fabricate it in the factory and assemble it on site. While the erection process is challenging, any mistake can compromise the entire building structure. This is why you must hire professionals to erect the pre-engineered building in Arunachal Pradesh.

Steps to Erect the Pre-Engineered Building

  1. Prepare the Foundation

The first step to PEB steel building erection is executing the foundation. Most building providers will give you drawings and other information. It will include a detailed listing of the location, anchor bolts, and other components. The experienced foundation contractors will ensure the correct placement of the slab and anchor bolts. Once they do this step correctly, the erection of the building becomes easy.

  2. Primary Framing

The primary framing will have I-Beam rafters and columns during the PEB building construction. The experts weld the primary steel, pre-cut and pre-punch it for quick installation. They will take the strongest steel pieces, bolt them together to fasten to the foundation. Once they install the frame, they will start bolting the secondary members to the primary frame.

  3. Wall and Roof Sheeting

Next, the manufacturers will put up the insulation, wall and roof sheeting. This step is after completing the entire framing. They begin with the wall sheeting. Then they will attach the sheeting to the secondary frames using self-drilling fasteners. After doing the walls, they begin work on the roof panels. Finally, they will install the weather stripping. This is important since it will keep the building leakproof.

PEB Erection Mistakes to Avoid

  •   ● Not Getting Prior Approval

There are chances that the inspectors will refuse a permit for your PEB steel building construction. This is why taking prior approval is necessary. You should learn about the local building codes before ordering the kit. If the inspectors find it violating the rules, they will stall the construction process. So, make sure it fits the proper guidelines.

  •   ● Not Use a Proper Instruction Manual

You are likely to get an instruction manual with every PEB building kit. The stability and quality of the structure depend on several factors. It is necessary to follow the instruction kit to maximise efficiency. Every builder should follow a specific design and erection manual. Besides, they should be aware of the right erection techniques in detail.

  •   ● Ignoring Safety Measures 

You should follow proper safety measures while erecting the PEB building. Mistakes happen due to a lack of planning. Hence, everyone involved with the job should wear safety garments like gloves and hats.

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Sustainable development and green buildings are common terms in the construction industry. When compared to conventional buildings, the PEB structures are eco-friendly. The engineers fabricate them with careful attention. They assemble the components at factories as per the project details. Then they assemble and erect it at the site after transporting it safely.

You can consult the professionals for pre-engineered building in Jharkhand to meet your structural needs. The PEB buildings allow multiple configurations and custom designing. Further, its environment friendly nature makes it a preferred choice for all.

The PEB Structure Components

You can classify the components of the Pre-engineered buildings into several categories.

  • Primary built-up members like framing parts 
  •   1. Rafters 
  •   2. Columns
  •   3. Z Purlin, cold and hot-formed roof purlins 
  •   4. C Purlin and hollow section 
  •   5. Roofing Sheet and cladding 
  •   6. Eave Struts 
  •   7. Bracing

Are PEB Structures Eco Friendly?

  1. 100% Recyclable

Steel is easy to recycle than any other material. This is because steel separates from the other waste matter by using electromagnets. You can recycle the steel multiple times according to your necessity. Yet, it does not lose its original strength and tenacity. The manufacturers use recycled steel to make new steel. It reduces the cost of building construction and save the environment.  This is why Pre-engineered buildings are the best replacement for any other structure.

  1. Save Landfill 

The fabricator uses recycled steel to make PEB structures. The buildings are stronger and have an increased lifespan than other structures. They reduce the amount of waste matter/rubbish thrown into the landfills. Buildings made in traditional methods of construction generate more waste. All this rubbish is non-recyclable. The steel structures do not go into landfills. The technicians recycle the steel without producing any waste.

  1. Energy Saving

The PEB buildings are energy efficient. They drastically lower the electric bills. By installing wooden door frames, you are likely to suffer from problems like air leak and moisture. It is not the same with Pre-engineered buildings. The steel elements retain indoor temperature and save electric bills. Hence, it creates no pollution.

Meet the Reliable PEB Fabricators

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The PEB steel buildings offer multiple benefits to the business owners. With faster construction, you can complete the entire structure in a shorter time frame. It is versatile and less expensive. This is the major reason why the industry notices a boom in metal building construction.

Choosing the PEB Structure in Jharkhand for your project is never a bad idea. You can use it for commercial facilities, factories, steel mills, warehouses, etc. From concept to erection, it is the first choice of building construction for many. But if you are sceptical about it, you should learn more about its pros and cons. This way, you can determine whether it is suitable for the concerned project.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing PEB Buildings

  1. Do you need design flexibility?

Most industries require certain specifications when it comes to construction. While some prefer a warehouse-like design, others can go for an empty airline hanger style.

But no matter your needs, a prefabricated steel building can fulfil every design. This method, along with technological advancements, allows unlimited flexibility. It guarantees the same levels of functionality for exterior design or internal configuration. 

Most companies hire cranes for material handling.  The PEB components are pre-factory made and assembled on site. This eliminates a lot of hassle. A bonus is that the PEB structures remove the need for independent crane columns in the structure. Hence, it saves a lot of extra costs.

  1. Do you want to save construction time? 

While making a structure, a major headache for most business owners is the lagging construction time. They feel their hands are tied as they wait endlessly for the project to complete. At times, complications arise. The project remains incomplete.

The pre-engineered building in Jharkhand is faster to complete. The fabricators design them using state of the art technology like computer modelling software. This way, they streamline the entire process for effective results.

  1. Do you want low maintenance buildings?

Pre-Engineered buildings are popular because of their weather-resistant property. It stays intact even after experiencing heavy rain, wind or hailstorm. It will not sustain any damage when compared to conventional wooden buildings.

For primary buildings, mould and termite infestation is a serious concern. But PEB steel buildings are non-porous and does not damage by termites.

Consult Unitech Structural Works for information about customised PEB buildings. We provide turnkey solutions for the onsite assembling of the prefabricated structures. Our team of engineers cater to every client requirement with 100% satisfaction. 

Steel is one of the durable and versatile materials for building structures. The PEB steel buildings are easy to construct, and offer multiple benefits. You can choose flexible, custom-built designs and fabrications done by the Pre-engineered steel building manufacturer in Assam. 

Investing in a PEB structure is a significant investment. Regular upkeep is necessary to keep its performance at optimal levels. You can seek professional help from experts to avoid costly repair.  

Know-How to Maintain Pre-Engineered Steel Structures 

To make it less vulnerable to damage, follow these methods for effective results.

  1. Annual Inspection

Schedule annual inspections to identify problems with the PEB steel structure. While it can withstand extreme climatic change, possible damages can occur without proper maintenance. You should establish a maintenance schedule to check for potential problems. In case of any defect, address them and notify the manufacturers.  

The benefits are as follows –

  • Lower repair costs
  • Prevent deterioration of buildings
  • Reduce downtime for repair
  1. Cleaning

Cleaning the building once every year is effective. You can use the pressure washer to keep the exteriors in their best condition. It is necessary to take care of the structure’s insulation feature. If you leave it unattended, the fasteners and steel walls will collapse. Proper cleaning prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, mould and moisture. The building lifespan enhances with minimal chances of damage.

  1. Fasteners

If the fastener is faulty, rusted or insecurely attached, it will compromise with weatherproofing. Pre-engineered steel structures contain rivets, nuts, screws and other kinds of hardware. Hire an experienced professional or outsource the task to a qualified contractor. The manufacturers can tighten the components, suggest repair and replacements.

  1. Painting

Repainting the Pre-engineered building in Assam is a good way to prevent damages. While the exteriors are resistant to UV rays, sunlight exposure, it receives scratches and dents. This happens due to the use of forklifts, equipment, machines etc. The experts will seal these areas and paint them for additional protection.

  1. Insulation

It is necessary to prioritize the building’s insulation to save extra expenses. If you do not rectify the problem, it can –

  • Increase the heating and cooling bills 
  • Lead to moisture build-up, resulting in corrosion  
  • Affect employee health from the building damages

Unitech Structural Works provide solutions for turnkey PEB structure manufacturing. They provide onsite, offsite construction, pre-fabricated part assembling and more.