Commercial construction will evolve largely in the coming days. The industry constantly changes, from using bricks and mortars to implementing prefab buildings to comply with modern construction guidelines.

Pre-engineered or PEB structures are revolutionising the commercial and industrial construction landscape with features like affordability, sustainable practice, low maintenance, and faster construction. A trusted pre engineered building manufacturer in Odisha provides bespoke PEB buildings as per the requirements of commercial clients.

How Are Pre-Engineered (PEB) Buildings Made?

Advanced technology, innovations, and machinery are required to produce PEB buildings. These steel structures need careful cutting, welding, and painting to meet the design specifications.

Once these structures are fabricated, they are then transported to the construction site. A team of skilled workers will assemble all these components using cranes and heavy machinery. Compared to the traditional construction perspective, which requires the on-site construction of each structure, the PEB buildings overcome all the limitations in terms of time and efficiency.

The Benefits of Using PEB Structures

The demand for using the PEB structures is due to the wide range of benefits they offer clients. Some of the benefits you need to know include-

  • Affordability

The PEB structures are affordable. Using standard components in these PEB buildings’ overall design and manufacturing reduces the material procurement and design costs. The labour requirements for PEB structures have also been reduced due to off-site manufacturing and installation. It allows the companies to reduce the construction cost. They can also allocate the funds to core functionalities of businesses.

  • Speed of Construction

Another important feature of using PEB buildings is the speed of construction. The overall time required to construct pre-engineered structures is reduced by carrying out the manufacturing process off-site and installing them on-site. Once the foundation is made, the PEB components are transported to the site and assembled within the given time.

  • Customisation Options Available

The pre-engineered structures are tailored to fit the client’s specific needs. The PEB companies follow the MTO procedure, helping customers get customised products per their business goals and requirements. The streamlined approach ensures a precise, detailed solution that matches each project’s needs. PEB components increase the footprint of the building, add new features, and adapt the structure for changing purposes.

Apart from these features, PEB buildings are highly durable, sustainable, versatile, and safe for the environment. At Unitech Structural Works, we offer a wide range of PEB structures for commercial clients. Our products are highly durable, sustainable, and cost-effective. Get in touch for a quote.

Structural steel is a material commonly used for industrial applications. It is used for the construction of modern-day buildings. With the help of the fabrication process, structural steel can be bent and customised into different shapes and designs for construction purposes. Since fabrication involves using structural steel as a preferred material among different construction industries. 

What are the components of structural Steel?

Steel fabricators in West Bengal prefer structural Steel for modern-day construction. Some of the common components of this kind of steel are Iron, carbon, and Manganese, with the addition of titanium, aluminium, and niobium. 

What are the benefits of using structural Steel for construction?

Cost-effective solution 

Working with structural steel fabrications is easy since processing is not required. Hence, it helps the builders save money and time. Moreover, steel is a durable and strong material, and the building doesn’t require frequent repair or maintenance. Once constructed, these buildings last for decades. 

Environment friendly

Structural Steel can be easily recycled and reused if the construction is demolished. Unlike brick-and-mortar constructions, steel does not form part of the waste. It is an environmentally friendly material that can be reused for smaller constructions in the future. 

Customisable option

Structural Steel can be fabricated, and hence, the designs and structures can be made according to the requirement. Hence, they are flexible options for the builders. You can expand sideways or upwards later if you want to add more levels to the building. You will find most of the commercial modern-day buildings are made of steel. It is easier to reconfigure steel construction compared to concrete ones.

Strong and durable

Steel is a strong and durable material. With a protective coat, you can prevent your steel structures from corrosion. Moreover, steel is ductile. Hence, it can stretch out without being ruptured or incurring damage. Furthermore, steel construction can withstand human, machine and weather related movements or vibrations. Compared to other building materials like cement and wood, steel is a better option. 


Steel structures are highly resistant to fire and are safe for the people working inside them. Along with an additional fire extinguisher, you can be safe inside a steel structure because it can prevent the heat and spread of fire within the interiors. 

Unitech Structural Works has been a leading company in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings and industrial structures since 2000. For more details on structural steel construction, contact us. 

Prefabricated industrial sheds are one of the most demanded products in the construction industry. They are commonly used as factory sheds, warehouse sheds, building sheds, and poultry sheds. Since the industrial sheds are prefabricated, they are constructed fast and also require low maintenance. 

Over the years, PEB steel structures have become widely popular, especially in the construction industry, because of their flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and easy to relocate without welding work. 

For the best quality industrial sheds in Assam, get in touch with professional companies. 

What are the benefits of industrial sheds? 


Using PEB industrial sheds is a feasible option as they are long-lasting. The steel used for PEB sheds is good quality, durable steel. The industrial sheds are exposed to tumultuous weather conditions, so using durable steel is essential to making them long-lasting. 

Moreover, PEB industrial sheds are non-combustible in nature; hence, they are not threatened by fire breakouts as well. 

Low Maintenance 

PEB industrial sheds need low or no maintenance. They are made with pre-galvanised sheets, which are susceptible to all types of weather and rust conditions. You don’t need to take extra care of them or engage in any maintenance policies. 

Hence, no environmental damage will be considered for PEB sheds. 

Easy to install

If you want to move your factory or warehouse to a different location, PEB industrial sheds make this easier. You can easily assemble and disassemble them without using any welding. The installation process is designed for expansion and flawless modifications. 

Sustainable solutions

The most important benefit of PEB industrial sheds is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Since these sheds are made from steel, the manufacturing process involves no waste. Similarly, no waste will be produced from the same during the dismantling process. When the steel structures are moved from one location to the other, they will not become a part of the landfill waste. 

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The PEB industrial shed is one of the mechanical designs developed to use a pre-designed framework process. A modern shed is the best style that is taken advantage of in most of the industrial peripheries. They are one of the most demanding products that you will find in the modular construction segment. 

They are called pre-crafted steel sheds that are highly functional. They are used in industries like factory sheds, warehouses, and fowl sheds. 

So, what is the difference between the PEB industrial sheds in Assam and the standard sheds in the facility buildings? Well, the differences are many. The former ones have a reduced maintenance framework and are made faster than the traditional shades. They enable ease of growth and can withstand huge weather fluctuations. 

 Why Are the Businesses Using The PEB Sheds Over The Traditional Sheds?

Before you delve into details about the different types of PEB sheds and their usage, you need to know why they are popular. The major reasons behind the huge demand for the pre-engineered sheds are as follows-

  • Economical In Nature

Among all the reasons you will choose the PEB structures, the best is being economical. They require very cost-effective materials for their preparation and are made on-site, so they are cheap compared to traditional sheds. They use technology to establish and grow a structured market. 

  • They Are Very Easy To Preserve

Yes, you have considered it right. Aside from being cost-effective, the PEB structures are one of the best additions for industries in terms of preservation and durability. You can spend less time and money on their maintenance. 

  • Tough And Highly Weather Resistant

In this context, you will look for a tough, weather-that constant resistance that lasts longer without any effect; the PEB structures provide you with these features. They can withstand any setting, whether installed in extreme weather conditions or even under fierce summers.

Apart from these reasons, PEB structures are sustainable and eco-friendly. Metal structures that are made up of steel leave lots of carbon waste. Hence, it is always good to opt for prefabricated sheds that are recyclable and leave no residue. 

At Unitech Structural Works, you will get the best industrial structures that are durable, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective. We have been the leading company in pre-engineered steel and industrial structures for the last 25 years. 

For any metal fabrication work, there are multiple options of metals to choose from. In the case of aluminium vs steel fabrication in Manipur, you might want to know which metal is more suitable for the fabrication work. Well, both metals are well appreciated for their versatility, durability, corrosion resistance and other promises to withstand the requirements of the fabrication works. Though they are kind of similar in appearance, beyond their superficial look, the two materials hold completely different properties. So, in this article, we are going to weigh the pros and cons of both of these metals against specific requirements. 

The better candidate for metal fabrication 

Let us put these two metals in the light of comparison with each other. And we might be able to draw some conclusions regarding their suitability. 


Stainless steel is undoubtedly a denser, heavier and stronger material than aluminium. However, despite weighing approximately one-third the weight of steel, aluminium has a much better strength-to-weight ratio than stainless steel. Its lightweight nature and better strength-to-weight ratio have made it a more lucrative option for industries such as the automotive and aerospace industries. On the other hand, owing to its strength and sturdiness, steel is a much better candidate for design and architectural requirements. 

Thermal properties

Stainless steel can withstand much higher temperatures than aluminium. It has exceptional thermal properties, which lend itself well to high-heat applications. It begins to soften at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, stainless steel can very well endure temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius. 


Here, too, stainless steel triumphs over aluminium. If your job requires frequent welding, in comparison to aluminium, stainless steel is far easier to work with. Due to aluminium’s high thermal conductivity and low melting point, it poses significant challenges to work with. Moreover, stainless steel’s tensile strength is 2-3 times stronger than aluminium. And it can produce welds that are stronger than the parts it joins. 


Aluminium is known to react with food items. It is extremely likely to leach or dissolve into foods. At high temperatures, it can cause discolouration or flavour changes in the food products. This is precisely why culinary experts and food service companies tend to prefer stainless steel over aluminium. Its non-porous surface is conducive and ideal for applications that require different sanitary conditions, including the manufacturing of cutleries and kitchen equipment. 

All in all, this comparison allows us to discern how stainless steel is a much more agile and flexible material when it comes to the purpose of metal fabrication. 

The PEB or pre-engineered building vendors are licensed to manufacture buildings with standard designs using materials and the latest techniques. They help in satisfying the structural and exclusive design requirements.

Contrary to the traditional building process that involves manufacturing the structure as per the design of that particular building, the PEB construction process uses standard building designs for constructing a wide range of buildings in various other projects.

More about the PEB Construction Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings are trending among builders nowadays. Civil engineering experts are also choosing to work with developed PEB construction processes over traditional ones. The PEB structures are also called the PEMB structures in some construction areas due to their regular design and construction with metal frameworks.

Compared to the other types of structures you get in the market, PEB structures are less expensive and made at 1.5 times the speed of construction, mainly employed in traditional buildings.

This is mainly because many construction elements are made off-site and assembled on-site. This comes with benefits like reduced waste generation, fewer errors, and faster operations.

Nowadays, PEB vendors are equipped with the latest tools like EOT cranes, turbo ventilators, and many more that are used for handling PEB building projects as per the demands of the construction. Depending on the customers ‘ needs, they also offer additional external and internal finishes.

How to Choose the Right PEB Vendor

Choosing the right type of PEB provider is very important not only to increase the construction process but also to ensure the smooth progress of the project. When choosing the PEB vendor for your project, you must consider certain factors like manufacturing plant conditions, materials used by the suppliers, previous work records and experience.

  • While choosing the PEB vendor, check the sectors where these vendors have worked. Suppose you find that the vendors have experience in working in different construction sectors. In that case, it ensures that your vendor is experienced and has enough skills to perform different projects.
  • While choosing the PEB vendors, assess the team’s skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism. The reputation of the PEB vendor is built on talented and skilled experts working for them who will maintain high manufacturing standards while producing superior-quality materials.
  • Apart from these, it would help if you inspected the manufacturing units of the vendors as well. With a proper manufacturing unit, it becomes possible for the PEB vendor to save time and construction expenses.

If you plan to have pre-engineered structures for your construction site, consult a reputed PEB structure provider like Unitech Structure that provides different PEB structures. We manufacture the best-quality PEB buildings as per the needs of our clients.

Steel fabrication is the method of transforming raw steel into certain products that can be used in the assembly or construction realm. Steel fabrication offers manifold benefits like durability, sustainability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Most people think custom steel fabrication is synonymous with high costs. However, it’s not always the case. You need to choose the best deal on steel fabrication services. Also, you should know how to adopt the right approach.

How Can You Save Money on Steel Fabrication?

Below are some of the tactics you can follow to save money on steel fabrication:

  1. Understand Steel Fabrication: Initially, you need to understand the concept of steel fabrication and its objective. As mentioned earlier, steel fabrication is all about cutting and shaping steel to create various structures.
  2. Assess your Requirements: You have to identify the requirements to get excellent deals on steel fabrication services. Analyse the quantity of steel you require and simultaneously focus on the particular requirements for the product.
  3. Conduct Research: Thereafter, your task is to research the offerings of different steel fabrication services. It will give you a clear picture. Reading online reviews and checking the websites of fabricators will help you arrive at a decision.
  4. Look for Discounts: Everyone loves discounts. But unfortunately, you don’t get these offers every time. However, if you order a large quantity of steel from an esteemed fabricator, you can get discounts.
  5. Compare Charges: It’s always a smart move to compare the prices of different steel fabricators before arriving at a decision. Get quotes from every potential service provider and compare them. It’s better not to go with the cheapest option since chances are higher that you will receive inferior quality services. Rather, focus on the quality of work and their years of experience in the industry apart from comparing the prices.
  6. Develop a Relationship: Try to build a bond with your local steel fabricator. This way, you can get access to better deals in future. In this case, you can also consider hiring the same firm for future projects.

Are you looking for top-notch steel fabricators? If you feel the same, Unitech Structural Works will be your ultimate destination for obvious reasons. Our experienced peb manufacturers and steel fabrication experts take care of every project and ensure everything is in the right place. Since our inception, we have been providing state-of-the-art solutions to clients in the realms of engineering, design, logistics, manufacturing, etc.

Prefabricated industrial sheds are considered one of the popular products available for modular construction. They are also called pre-engineered steel factory sheds and are versatile in nature.

They are beneficial in several ways- used as factory sheds, warehouses, poultry sheds, agriculture buildings and many more. So, in what ways the factory shed fabrication structures are different from the traditional structures?

Well, the differences are multiple- the PEB sheds require very low maintenance, they require very little time for installation, and they are light. They bring out easy expansion and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. Over the last few years, PEB steel sheds have become quite popular in the construction field due to many benefits like adaptability, resilience and durability. In this blog, you will learn about the major benefits of using fabrication sheds.

The Major Advantages of Using PEB Factory Sheds

PEB Sheds Require Very Low Maintenance

No matter what material you are choosing, there needs to be more maintenance work needed on the exterior or off-site prefabrication. The PEB sheds are painted with galvanised sheets on the outside that last many years. On the other hand, the traditional sheds need constant painting every year for maintenance.

If the prefab factory shed is made up of steel, there is no reason to think about the damage that results from termite attack or mildew growth. Hence, the prefabricated shed is a very low-maintenance structure from all aspects. There is very little chance of damage occurring from any external factor, which is common in traditional buildings.

The PEB Steel Sheds are Durable

The long-lasting nature of the PEB sheds can render them an attractive proposition for all businesses. Steel lasts long, and hence, it can withstand extreme weather conditions. The PEB industrial sheds have been used for many years without any major type of maintenance. Apart from this, the pre-engineered steel buildings are non-combustible. Hence, there is nothing to think much about the damage that happened from fire or any other factors.

They are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable in Nature

Another important benefit of using fabricated steel sheds is that they are eco-friendly. The metal buildings composed of steel leave less waste than the traditional sheds available. Most steel products used in the construction field can be recycled for further purposes.

As the population is increasing, there is high importance given to ecological preservation. The construction industries are adopting new technologies and practices to create green buildings. One of the reputed fabrication contractors is Unitech Structural Works, which aims to deliver the best quality fabricated steel sheds for industries. Get in touch for further enquiries.

When the time comes to construct the warehouse, there are two different types of options you need to keep in mind- pre engineered building structure and civil construction. While both come with many benefits, there are so many reasons that a PEB warehouse is a better option than a civil warehouse.

If you plan to make warehouses and consider which material you need to use, here are some reasons to use pre-engineered buildings over civil ones.

Why are PEB Structures better than Civil Warehouses?

1. Speed Of Construction

The PEB warehouses are designed and installed offsite, meaning they are constructed faster and more efficiently. On the contrary, the civil warehouses need to have on-site construction that is time-consuming and subjected to different weather-related issues.

2. Affordable In Nature

Most PEB warehouses are more affordable to construct than civil warehouses due to the efficient design and pre-fabricated process. The pre-engineered steel structures need less labour and resources, resulting in significant cost savings in the whole process.

3. Customisation Options

The PEB warehouses are customised to meet up with the specific needs of the business. They are highly versatile and can accommodate various applications, from storage to manufacturing logistics. On the other hand, civil warehouses have a small range of customisation, and it is quite difficult to change and expand.

4. Highly Durable In Nature

One of the best things about using PEB buildings is that they are highly durable. The PEB warehouses are built to withstand extreme conditions. This makes them highly durable and long-lasting. They are made using high-quality materials that are resistant to degradation and corrosion. On the contrary, civil warehouses need regular maintenance and repairs to ensure longevity.

5. Sustainability

PEB warehouses are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They are made to reduce waste and energy consumption. It results in low operational costs and a small carbon footprint. Besides, the civil warehouses need to have resources and energy to operate and contribute to environmental degradation.

There are also several environmental benefits to using the PEB buildings. Less waste is generated during the process of construction. Apart from this, many of the materials used to make PEB buildings can be recycled, which helps reduce the environmental impact of the construction process.

Buy the best quality pre-engineered building structure from Unitech Structure. We have many years of experience in this field. To know more about the PEB engineered products, explore the website.

The pre-engineered building construction is the latest technology where the structures are made in less time than traditional buildings. The primary structure for PEB is steel. Depending upon the type of building and client’s requirement, the roofs and walls are fitted with insulated sandwich panels or single-skin sheets.

The design of PEB structures is very complicated. PEB structures’ dimensions and overall weight depend on the building’s weight. When installing pre-engineered steel structures, always discuss your requirements with a PEB manufacturer who will guide you throughout the selection process.

The Design Perimeters Of a PEB Steel Building

Steel is extensively used as one of foundation design’s most common fundamental components. Steel buildings come with many benefits, including rapid construction process, cost reductions and less maintenance. PEB steel structures come with lots of possibilities for customisation options, too.

The below guidelines will help you in customising the steel building design layouts-

  • Discuss Your Needs With The Professionals

The first step is to start planning the framework of the steel building. You must plan every minor section, including dimensions, resistance, lighting and height. Once thoroughly planned, you can determine which steel item suits your construction needs.

  • Considering the Dimensions

No matter the dimension, there is no standard steel size or structure. Every steel structure can be made as per your required preferences and budget. To know how many square feet of steel are needed, it is good to measure it first.

Take time to evaluate all the components that comprise the whole structure. It can include counting the number of tools, office space and equipment. When you do it with utmost precision, you can construct a building where everything fits properly.

  • Height of the Building

The PEB steel structures are typically low-rise and can be placed to make good steel buildings with 1-2 stories. Though the standard height range for steel structures is 40 feet, it sometimes goes higher when needed. Several government rules offer permission for tall buildings.

  • Top Quality

There are different steel manufacturers in the steel structural industry. While most buyers generally focus on buying a cheaper product, the strategy will not work well for durable steel foundation types. When the quality is at risk, the steel structures will not be durable.

Contact a trusted prefabricated steel building manufacturer in Sikkim, like Unitech Structural Works, for PEB steel structures. This brand specialises in designing various industrial structural fabrications. To know more, check our website.