The metal fabrication industry is directly or indirectly involved in various other industries’ daily operations. From making a small machine part to creating pre-engineered steel buildings – these experts can transform metal into any form you require for your industry. In many cases, the safety and longevity of your metal structure depend on its manufacturing. Hence, it is imperative to find a reliable fabrication company in Kolkata.

This blog will discuss five important things to consider before hiring a service.

Vital Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Metal Fabricator

1.Define Your Project and Needs

Before you approach any metal fabrication company, it is necessary to understand the scope of your project. You should understand what type of fabrication is required and how much fabrication will help you to run your daily operations. The better you can understand your needs, the better service you can find for them.

2.Research Online for Reliable Metal Fabricators

It is always useful to search online for a potential company involved in fabricating steel buildings and other metal works. You will find numerous names, reviews and ratings from genuine clients. This will help you to get a reliable service provider within your budget.

3.Collect Free Quotes

You must ask for a free quote whenever you talk to a potential metal fabricator. The more quotes you can collect, the more competitive rate you can explore. Therefore, it can be easier for you to get a budget-friendly service from a trusted company.

4.Check Some Samples

It is always required to see the samples first before hiring a metal fabrication company in Kolkata. This will give you an insight into the standard of their work. The comparison of the price of various companies will always help you get a competitive rate.

Choose the Company Now

Considering all these factors will make your job of finding a trusted metal fabrication company easier. Unitech Structure is one of them. We have been serving this trade for more than 20 years. We specialise in manufacturing and supply of high-quality fabricated steel structures. Please get in touch with us for more information.


Nowadays, the process of construction has become much more streamlined. Most builders trust structural fabricators. The metal fabrication pieces guarantee a smooth construction process. It is a flexible and durable option compared to traditional construction methods.

About Structural Steel:

Numerous builders choose custom steel fabricators for their construction work. Structural steel is much more tensile and durable than regular steel. It can handle high weight and heat with ease. For these reasons, you can find it in large construction projects.

Why Choose A Custom Structural Metal Fabricator?

In this blog, you will find some important reasons for choosing a custom steel fabricator in Kolkata.

  • Flexibility in Design: A dedicated company in custom metal fabrication gives you structural freedom like nobody else. You can apply structural steel fabrication according to your design needs. They can be useful in increasing the production capacity of the project. Besides, you do not have to face multiple vendors for your steel fabrication needs.
  • Better Understanding: Choosing a specific company for structural metal fabrication helps to establish a better buyer vendor relationship. They will be able to produce results according to your requirement. You can remain assured of in-depth customisation facilities.
  • Reduced Expense: By providing services according to your needs, the steel fabricator can help to reduce your overall construction cost. They have a large production space and different tools and technologies. These qualities guarantee a quality assistance. It allows you to deliver your project much earlier than the deadline.

For these reasons, you should choose a dedicated structural steel fabricator. Consult with Unitech Structural Works for the best assistance. We are one of the leading structural metal fabricators in Kolkata. With our help, you can establish residential and commercial properties with ease. Our team can help you with design, engineering and logistical solutions. Visit our website for more details.