Premier Quality Structural Steel Fabrication in India, Kolkata:

Get Hold of Pre-eminent Structural Steel Fabrication

We are a specialized company totally devoted to our wide range of coursework as well as assignment. We have a vast array of clients and we leave no stone unturned to fortify their satisfactory level. Starting from designing to the fabrication of light, secondary steel construction and industrial flooring; we remain completely dedicated towards our task and deliver them with utmost delicacy as well as supremacy.
Especially, when it comes to the very point of flexible flooring and other steel equipments, Unitech Structure reaches the summit of splendor and fills you with paramount delight. Being fraught with upgraded machinery, it becomes very easy for us to meet your every demand and serve your purpose to the fullest. We are mounted with engineers of exceptional quality and ensure that you are catered with an exemplary service. Serving miscellaneous fabricators, manufacturers and industries for years, we have become fortunate to earn a considerate fame and which, in its turn, has enabled us to become one of the most renowned structural steel fabrication enterprises in Kolkata, India.
Our area of service goes beyond the topographical belt in which we operate. As an advancement oriented, accomplishment driven and confederation minded venture, we have all the assets in-house to bump into the customer requirements of any kind. We are equipped with advanced technology as well as mechanism and thus, make it very facile for you to undergo an excellent tune-up. The experienced technicians of structural steel fabrication, our enterprise are fraught with brilliant expertise and the chance of your being content gets even more broadened. We always become active to listen to your every requirement and fulfill them to every degree.
We are committed to offer services of outstanding quality structural steel fabrication in Kolkata, India, with an added benefit to obtain each customer’s goodwill. We are mounted with experienced specialists with great dexterity as well as skill and take the entire endeavor to satisfy you with their exceptional service.

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